Getting to Gold
Dain with Kids
What Educators Are Saying

“Every student in America should hear Dain’s message. He is phenomenal in the way he relates to the students on a level they understand.”
Margo McCormick, Asst. Principal
Indio High School

“My inbox just keeps filling up with positive feedback. We are basking in the glow after Dain’s speech!”
Rebecca Simmons, Lead Teacher
Marquette Senior High School

What Students Are Saying

“Hearing your speech pretty much helped me open my eyes and see that accomplishment is right in front of me, I just need to earn it.”
Student, Marquette Senior High School

“You really impacted my life. I didn’t really care about school, and was thinking of dropping out. I finally realize that with an education you could do just about anything you ever wanted.”
Student, Indio High School
What Does a Visit from Dain Blanton Look Like?

When Dain travels to your campus, he will help students understand how a VISION coupled with ENERGY and PERSEVERANCE leads to SUCCESS. By sharing the obstacles hes overcome, the lessons hes learned, and the insights hes discovered on his own journey, Dain motivates and inspires students to become leaders, make important choices, and create a successful future -- and to start making it happen NOW!

Dain with StudentsSeminar Topics
  • Self-Discipline
  • Setting/Achieving Goals
  • Life Balance/Time
  • Character/Attitude
  • Leadership
  • …etc!

Presentation Formats:
  • School assemblies
  • Half-Day presentations
  • Full-Day rotations to classrooms and athletics teams
  • Graduation speeches
  • Grade-level presentations
  • Summer School Start-up: Attitude-shift for success!
  • Conference presentations
General Schedule

A 'typical' day with Dain might look like this*:
  • 7:30 AM Meeting and greet with Principal or Administrators
  • 8:00 AM Final setup at assembly, gym, or classroom location
  • 8:30 AM Motivational speech is delivered, tailored to address your specific goals
  • 9:15 AM Q & A with students
  • 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM Customized breakout sessions with individual classes or small groups of students (e.g., athletic teams, student council, special populations, etc.)
* Please note that this is just an example. Times may vary, etc.

A visit can be customized to fit each school’s precise needs.

While there, time can be set aside for autographs. We always suggest having a few volleyballs for him to sign. These can be given to an outstanding student, raffled off for a fundraiser, put on display, etc.